Mystic Forge specializes in custom designed, hand crafted ironwork.  Our designs range from traditional ironwork styles to contemporary and artistic styles that are produced using traditional blacksmithing techniques. The Forge is tucked away in Big Hill Country, North West of Calgary, Alberta, where a wide variety of original works, from elaborate gates and church furniture, to staircases and interior furniture, are produced in meticulous detail. 


The skilled team of blacksmiths is overseen by Mark pearce who started his blacksmithing career in August of 1983, serving an apprenticeship under Rodney Cranwell. He attended Hereford Technical College for general smithing and then went on to Salisbury COSIRA College for wrought iron smiths, obtaining a diploma in blacksmithing. While at COSIRA College, Mark served two years under the tuition of Lawrence Love, an outstanding blacksmith.


Most of Mark's work in England was restoration blacksmithing on church gates, cathedral railings, etc., including restoration of the entrance gates of the Sandringham Estate for the Royal family. The restoration work was very interesting as they had to copy the original pieces exactly, utilizing only the same tools and techniques that would have been used when the pieces were originally produced. This involved a lot of forge welding, riveting and upsetting (skills you won't find in your contemporary welding shop). This kept the work very traditional, unlike the work of today where most methods are modern, leaving traditional smithing more of lost art.

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Box 14, Site 5, RR 1, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
T4C 1A1

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